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In line with international standards, increase the development of precision molds

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As an important basic process equipment in product manufacturing, the level of mold industry is an important symbol to measure the level of a country's manufacturing industry, and an important support for product optimization and industrial upgrading of manufacturing industry. If there is no high-level mold, there will be no high-level parts manufacturing, let alone the diversity of industrial products and consumer goods. Since the development of mold industry, precision has become the development trend of mold industry. The prospect of mold industry is broad, and the supply of precision mold market is in short supply. Throughout the production of China's mold industry, the proportion of high, middle and low-end is extremely unbalanced, which is very unfavorable to the development of China's mold industry. There is an urgent need to accelerate the pace of structural adjustment, develop the high-end market and keep pace with the international market.

Accelerate structural adjustment

Compared with the past, China's mold technology level has been greatly improved, but high-precision molds still rely on foreign imports. Although in recent years, China's mold industry structure and system have made great changes, mainly as follows: medium and high-grade molds, large, dense, complex and long life. However, due to the large demand for medium and low-grade die tools in China, the self matching rate of medium and high-grade precision moulds is insufficient. 60%. unreasonable structural development is mainly manifested in the following aspects: 1. Constraints such as die steel and so on; 2、 The standardization level needs to be improved; 3、 High end mold talents are in urgent need of cultivation; 4、 Speed up the pace of mold product structure adjustment; 5、 Increase investment to strengthen innovation ability; 6、 Promote the joint reorganization among mold enterprises; 7、 Overseas market development needs to be deepened.

Improve process technology level

More than 80% of industrial production and manufacturing need to use mold parts manufacturing, especially the key and core molds in the automotive industry are highly dependent on imports, so that a series of key and core injection molding products required for relevant host products are mainly provided by these international well-known mold enterprises.

In recent years, the enterprises in the cabinet have continuously improved the mold process technology and products. Therefore, some plastic molds or injection molded parts began to circulate internationally, successfully entered the supply chain system of some high-end industries, replaced some imported products and got rid of their dependence. However, it is undeniable that only a few of them have joined the international high-end market.

The mold industry will focus on breaking through large and precise plastic mold design, such as automobile plastic mold, marine plastic mold and so on. Only by constantly following up these new advanced technologies and products will they not be eliminated for the times. With the improvement of the technical level of China's mold industry and the gradual increase of product levels, some international host industry supply chain systems are further inclined to domestic enterprises, which will be an opportunity and challenge.

Some experts pointed out that in the future, China's mold industry should not only continue to improve its production capacity, but also focus on the adjustment of internal structure and the improvement of the level of technological development. It mainly focuses on the professional adjustment of enterprise structure, the development of product structure towards medium and high-end molds, the improvement of import and export structure, the forming analysis and structural improvement of medium and high-end automobile panel molds, the application of multi-functional composite molds and composite processing and laser technology in mold design and manufacturing, high-speed cutting, ultra precision machining and polishing technology and informatization.




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