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Development characteristics of Dongguan high precision die accessories

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Shengqi Seiko: focus on precision mold accessories

The latest statistics disclosed by China Die & Mould Industry Association show that China's mould Market ranks first in the world, and the comprehensive competitiveness of the die industry has reached the top ten in the world.

The domestic mold parts industry is mainly concentrated in the southeast coastal areas, and Dongguan, Guangdong, is an important city for mold development. There are more than 2000 mold enterprises in Dongguan, which has become the main mold product distribution center in Guangdong. As the "mother of manufacturing industry", the development degree of mold is directly related to the overall development level of manufacturing industry. The mold manufacturing industry in Dongguan starts from the processing link, and is more decentralized. Since the beginning of the new century, with the development of industry associations and the active guidance of the government, mold manufacturing has begun to change to centralized operation, and continues to extend to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, so as to continuously strengthen the industrial status and competitiveness.

Dongguan Chang'an town is known as the "capital of molds". There are nearly 3000 individual industrial and commercial households in the town engaged in the sales and primary processing of hardware molds, accounting for nearly 20% of the local individual industrial and commercial households. Dongguan Shengqi precision mold accessories company is the same as Dongguan Chang'an. The reason why Dongguan mold parts industry has such remarkable achievements is not only its unique geographical advantages, but also its leading technical level.

Guangdong has many industries such as petrochemical, automobile, plastics and high-tech. relying on the demand of downstream industries of these mold parts, Guangdong Province has gradually developed into the most important mold and mold parts market in China. At present, the output value of Dongguan mold accessories accounts for more than 30% of the country. At present, among the top 10 mold enterprises in China, Guangdong has 5. The world's largest mold base supplier and Asia's largest mold parts manufacturer are also located in Guangdong. At the same time, Guangdong is an important member of China's East China Economic Zone, with convenient waterway transportation, which can easily transport and sell molds all over the country and export them overseas.

The development of Dongguan mold parts industry not only depends on regional advantages and technology, but also its main strength. The NC rate of mold processing equipment and the performance of equipment, mold processing technology, production specialization level and standard in Guangdong are ahead of other provinces and cities in China. It has great advantages in the national mold industry. In addition to the above advantages, the development of Guangdong mold industry has also been strongly supported by the local government. Many favorable factors have promoted the development of Guangdong mold industry to a great extent. Relying on these advantages, Guangdong mold industry will achieve more brilliant achievements in the future.

Hubei Shengqi mould technology is the production and R & D base invested and built by Dongguan Shengqi precision mould in Huangshi, Hubei Province. Based on Dongguan Shengqi, it has always focused on the technical innovation and product development of various precision mould parts and automation equipment parts. It has accumulated profound industry experience and successfully mastered the R & D of precision mould parts and automation equipment parts The core technology of design and manufacturing. In the field of mold parts, it has rich R & D experience and strong scientific research and innovation ability, specializing in the production of hot runner, thimble, cylinder, insert, guide post, guide sleeve, male and female die, spring, fixture, auto parts and other mold parts.




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